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Hiking light with deep yoga practices
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We gather a team of good people to travel to beautiful mountainous places with the aim of practicing yoga. The idea of creating this project was born because we have been going to the mountains for a long time and have been practicing yoga for a long time. We decided to combine our favorite activities and make them accessible to those like us.

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Aleksandra Satara
Yoga teacher
I have been teaching yoga since 2013, and have been practicing since 2011. She completed 5 years of study at the International Open Yoga University. Specialization of Hatha and Mantra Yoga. I have a diploma in yoga from a St. Petersburg Institute of Oriental Rehabilitation Methods. I love nature and hiking, the experience of camping life is 11 years. | vkontakte | facebook | YouTube | Instagram
Anastasia Narayani
Hiking instructor
Experience in hiking as an instructor for about 12 years. With the guide of the trip, about 70 trips and about 300 LDPE were carried out. Co-author of the author's travel project "Way - Open". Author's hiking in the mountains, deserts, caves. I have been practicing yoga since 2016. I have been teaching as a teacher since 2017 at the Open School of Yoga. | vkontakte | facebook | Instagram

What are Yoga trails? Who are they for?
Travel like a kind of yoga
Meditation camps in unique corners of nature
Classical yoga for everyone
Exit from the comfort zone to the natural world
Life in tents, food at the stake, light walks

  • For those who want to live in the mountains
  • For those who want to get acquainted with yoga
  • For those who want to break free
  • For those who seek inspiration

Yoga team in the mountains of Crimea, 2019
Our friends about yoga trails
Read the reviews of other participants in the Reviews section.
I went on a trip to spring Crimea, amazing in its beauty, overcoming myself, communicating with like-minded people. Living in a tent, practicing outdoors, sitting around the campfire all evening, talking with like-minded people on different topics, walking along mountain trails, enjoying nature, swimming in the sea, eating delicious food - this is a great charge for bhava and prana, new awareness and discoveries . It broadens the vision of the world and the feeling of people. There you understand that a person can do very small! And in general, such a continuous intense communication with like-minded people - like a breath of fresh air and an impulse for further rediscovery in yoga.
Yoga trails to Crimea, May 2019
Was it hard? DO NOT, seriously! Even after an 8 hour radial. Even when in one day we went with backpacks all the way from Seydozer, through a mountain pass to the exit from the trail.
The pristine nature gives much more than we can spend! For the whole week my body has never hurt. Although we walked a lot and had yoga. Still gratefully perplexed, how so?
If anything, I'm an ordinary city dweller. I do not give super loads to the body. I just love to be in nature, and I do not like large masses of people nearby.
Yoga trails to Seydozero, September 2019
Our entire trip was a continuous practice of yoga of various kinds, from the moment of collecting things until returning to Kursky station. Everything corresponded exactly to the yogic principles of kindness and common sense. And in general, such a continuous intense communication with like-minded people - like a breath of fresh air and an impulse for further rediscovery in yoga. In general, the #yogatrops project is brilliant on all sides!
Yoga trails to Seydozero, September 2019
Now, looking back, I can say that this is a very powerful practice, revealing various aspects of the personality and allowing you to look yourself in the eyes, in their very depths. I highly recommend the project #tropyogi.
Yoga trails to Crimea, May 2019
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